Yangon – Bago – Shwe Pyi Resort

Kanbawza Thadi Palace
Kyaikpun Pagoda
Shwe Tha Lyaung Pagoda

Yangon – Bago

Bago was formerly known as Pegu. It is just 80 km (50 miles) north of Yangon. It is just about an hour drive from Yangon. Bago is accessible easily from Yangon, Mandalay, Pyay and other cities. Bago is one of the richest archaeological sites in Myanmar. Bago was made the capital of the Mon Kingdom and it came to be known as Hansavati (Hanthawaddy). It was also the seaport of ancient Mon kings. Then it became the Second Myanmar Empire founded by King Bayinnaung.

Surrounding Places

  • Shwe-Tha-Lyaung Reclining Buddha
  • Kanbawza Thadi Palace
  • Shwemawdaw or ‘Great Golden God Pagoda’
  • Kyaik Pun Pagoda
  • Mya-Tha-Lyaung Pagoda
  • Hinthargone Pagoda
  • Kanbawzathardi Golden Palace
  • Shwe Pyi Resort
    Shwe Pyi Resort
    Shwe Pyi Resort
    Shwe Pyi Resort
                            Shwe Pyi Resort is nestled among the lush forestry at the southern tip of the famed Bago Yoma Mountain on a sprawling wide rang landscape site. Located in Bago Region 50 miles northeast of Yangon, Shwe Pyi Resort is the closest major tropical resort, romantic hotspot and centre for family recreation to Yangon. It is situated along the old Yangon-Mandalay Highway and offers a choice of quality dining options which also makes for a great spot to rest for lunch. The resort has many recreational areas including the Shwe Pyi Country club and biking activities. This large lake is the perfect place for paddle boating or rowing. Also, there is a working wood carving workshop as well as a wood carving museum which are sure to provide hours of entertainment. For a more relaxing day out, guests can enjoy spending time in the Air Bus Cafe or the Shwe Pyi Spa which has a number of relaxing massage and spa treatment options. The resort site boasts top-class accommodation facilities comprising three Shwe Suites and eighteen Shwe Deluxe bedrooms. All accommodation is located in a peaceful part of the resort hidden away in the forest area across the lake. Each room is cool and comfortable with hand-carved wooden furniture, a minibar and private balcony to offer guests and little slice of luxury while they are away from home. Guests may choose rooms with a lake view or facing the lush tropical forest with both options offering a blissful escape from busy city life. (Credit to Shwe Pyi Resort Website)