Ygn-Ngapali Beach

Thandwe Ancient City and Gorgeous Ngapali Beach


Beautiful Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach
Ngapali Beach

Thandwe in Myanmar functions as a major seaport in Rakhine State (or Arakan). The antique town itself covers an area of 9800 square kilometers. In the mountainous area, Thandwe is pictured with the high peaks, the attractive streams, the rice and tobacco fields, rocky ranges, etc. Some of the peaks in the northern area might reach over 4,000 feet. As this destination has the tropical monsoon climate, the annual rainfall is sufficient. For example, the rainfall in 1905 was estimated to be 230.49 inches (5,854 mm). Together with farming, Thandwe is rich in tourism thanks to the revered pagodas and the captivating Ngapali Beach. It is the Ngapali Beach that makes Thandwe the amazing stopover before enjoying a memorable beach vacation with activities of kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, fishing, hot-air ballooning, and more.

Famous Places in Thandwe

  • The town and market of Thandwe
  • Shwe Sandaw Pagoda
  • Shwe Anndaw Pagoda
  • Shwe Nandaw Pagoda
  • Jate Taw (Gyeik Taw) Fishing Village
Shwe Ann Taw Pagoda at Thandwe
Shwe Nan Taw Pagoda at Thandwe
Shwe San Taw Pagoda at Thandwe

Ngapali Beach

Ngapali (pronounced Napally and said to be named after the Italian city of Naples) is Myanmar’s premier beach destination. Located on the Bay of Bengal coast in Rakhine State, its main feature is an idyllic stretch of white sand and palm tree-lined coast, with a number of resorts spread out next to traditional fishing villages.

Beautiful Ngapali Beach
Beautiful Ngapali Beach
Boat Trip at Ngapali Beach
Beautiful Ngapali Beach
Pearl Island at Ngapali Beach

Activities around the beach

Ngapali is about relaxing and enjoying the sun, but other activities include taking trips on local fishing boats; kayaking; snorkelling or scuba diving amongst the brightly coloured fish; and cycling or motorbiking down the beach and around some of the local villages.

To find out more about water sports, go to the Ngapali Water Sport Centre website. Ngapali also has an 18-hole golf course which is located between the main beach resorts and the airport. Surfing is possible during the monsoon season, which is the quietest time of year in Ngapali. This can be a lovely time of year to visit, but the choice of hotels is restricted – and it can rain for extended periods of time. Also, swimmers should be aware that currents can be dangerously strong at this time of year.

Famous Places & Pagodas at Ngapali Beach

  • Tilawkasayambhu Buddha Statue
  • The large hilltop Buddha
  • The famous palm tree
Tilawkasayambhu Buddha Statue

The large hilltop Buddha
The Famous Palm Tree

The large hilltop Buddha is the revered attraction in the south of Ngapali. If you can reach the location of the massive hilltop Buddha, expect to feast the eyes on the panoramic views of the whole bay and even out to the sea! People can choose to arrive at the site by walking, bicycling, or motorbiking (only for the adventurous individuals or thrill-seekers). One the way up the hill, please keep in mind that the final region is quite steep and rocky, which requires the high attention. As the Buddha is visible from almost every corner of the Bay, the direction towards the Buddha is very obvious.

The famous palm tree

On social media, Ngapali is mainly known for its perfect hanging palm tree. It is located next to Art of Sand Resort.

Food and restaurants

Unsurprisingly, one of the delights of Ngapali is its delicious fresh seafood, including fried squid, king prawns, lobster, snapper, barracuda, fish curries and more.

Most hotels have beach view restaurants that are open to everyone, and at lunchtime a fun (and cheap) option is to head to the independent beachside restaurants centred around Angel Bar and Restaurant, which can be found at roughly the midway point of the main beach. Just off the coast to the south of Ngapali, Pearl Island is a charming spot where giant lobsters are served up at a restaurant with sun canopies that line the beach.

There are also dozens of restaurants, as well as art and souvenir shops, that line the main road parallel to the beach – with the biggest clutch situated towards the north end of the beach.

It is safe for foreigners to visit Ngapali beach and there are no travel restrictions in the area.

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