Faungdawoo Pagoda (Inle)
Faungdawoo Pagoda (Inle)
Faungdawoo Pagoda (Inle)
Inle Lake
Inle Lake

Inle Lake

It is second largest lake in Myanmar. It was used to call “Venice of the East”. It has 13.5 miles long and 7 miles wide. It is fresh water lake. The highest altitude is 3000 feet (900m).The deepest level is about 6 meters. It is far from 720km from Yangon.

Around inle lake compound, there are about 64 villages. Most are floating villages. The people from those villages are used to call “In Thar’. Most of them are gardeners, farmers, fishermen and some do hand-made goods. The transportation is only boats. The rowing styles of Local villagers are only with one leg. That rowing style is very popular and that one only can see in Shan State, in Myanmar.

Faungdawoo Pagoda

The pagoda festival is very popular. The festival holds 15 days in Thadingyut month of Myanmar Lunar Calendar (in October). The karaweik faungdaw brings Buddha images and visits 19 places around the villages of Inle Lake.

Pindaya Cave

There are three caves on limestone ridge. There are a lot of Buddha images inside the caves. The visitors may be amazing to see the countless pagodas, the architecture and the beauty of nature. The most ancient Buddha image is in AD 1772.

Pindaya Caves
Pintaya Cave

Around Taunggyi

  • Kakku Mwetaw (Sutaungpyae) Pagoda
  • ShwePhonePwint (Sutaungpyae Taung Paw) Pagoda
  • Sulamuni Lawkachanthar Pagoda
  • Hopong Cave (Htan San Cave)
Kakku Mwetaw (Sutaungpyae) Pagoda
Hopong Cave (Htan San Cave)
Sulamuni Lawkachanthar Pagoda (Taunggyi)

Around Kalaw

  • (Hnee Paya) Mam Pagoda (Bamboo Image)
  • Kalaw Market
  • Thein Taung Paya Monastery
  • Kalaw Railway Station
  • Main-ma-ye Mountain at Ywar Ngan Village (Nearly 2 hrs Driving time from Kalaw)
  • Blue Lake Lagoon (Yay-pyar Lake) (Nearly 2 hrs Driving time from Kalaw)
(Hnee Paya) Mam Pagoda (Bamboo Image)
Kalaw Railway Station

Around Inle Lake

  • Faungdawoo Pagoda
  • Alodaw Pauk Pagoda
  • Shwe Inn Dein Pagoda
  • Maing Thauk Pagoda & Tawya Kyaung (monestry)
  • Hu-pin (Kaung Daing) Hot Springs
  • Ngahpegyaung monestry
  • Floating Village & Markets
  • Weaving workshops
Nga Phae Chaung Monastery
Floating Market
Khaung Daing Natural Hot Spring
Khaung Daing Natural Hot Spring

Around Pindaya

  • Pindaya Cave
  • Shwe Oo Min Pagoda
  • Konlon Zedi & Konlong Monestry
  • Poktalok Lake (Near Pindaya Cave)
  • Myinmati Taung & Myinmati Cave (Between Kalaw and Aungban)
Konlon Zedi & Konlong Monestry

Famous Vineyards & Winery

  • Red Mountain Estate Vineyards &Winery (near Nyaungshwe)
  • Aythaya Vineyard & Winery (near Taunggyi)
Vineyards & Winery
Aythaya Vineyard & Winery (near Taunggyi)
Red Mountain Estate Vineyards &Winery (near Nyaungshwe)

Surrounding Places

  • Hsipaw
  • Kyaukme
  • Lashio